Food is opening hearts in Uganda and Sudan

By May 7, 2004

Sudan/Uganda (MNN/EFCA) — The Average American has no idea what is really happening in southern Sudan and northern Uganda. Life is hard, really hard. That’s why Compassion Ministries, the relief and development arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America is helping with food distribution.

According to Compassion Ministries’ Jim Snyder, this past month 17-thousand dollars was sent to help purchase food and grain for people in these two countries. According to the EFCA, the church has seen an incredible response to that kind of outreach. He says, “Lives are saved, Christ is shared, non-church people begin attending church and souls are being brought into the kingdom. God is at work.”

The needs there continue to spring up. News reports fail to tell the world that some areas are receiving no rain, while others have plenty. Some villages receive assistance while others go without any food. This makes planning distribution difficult and expensive. Your financial assistance is needed, which can save lives both physically and spiritually.

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