Godman released on U-S television, Spanish is next.

By April 28, 2005

USA (MNN) — It took four years and millions of dollars, but the digital 3D animated film of the life of Christ has made its debut in the United States. Book of Hope took their popular story of the life of Christ and animated it and is calling it “The Godman.”

Book of Hope’s Founder Bob Hoskins says, “We released it on about 140 TV stations and the response was just wonderful. We got phone calls and emails. The first one came from a dad. He said he was watching it with his children and part way through the film his little four year old girl said, ‘Daddy, could I have Jesus come into my life?'”

This Book of Hope film will be shown in other English speaking areas of the world. However, Hoskins says this isn’t the end of the project. “Now the big thing is rolling it out worldwide. We’ll do nine versions. And, the first one will be in Spanish and that will air in Buenos Aries (Argentina) in June and so we’re excited about that, and then we’ll have more versions to roll out.”

“The Godman” will be for sale in retail outlets around Christmastime. The proceeds will help fund the Godman in these other languages.

The main purpose isn’t to make money on a new movie, Hoskin says, “Our main purpose is (to get) out there in those places where they’ve never had the Word of God and this will be the first exposure of literally millions of children to the story of Jesus.”

If you’d like to see a trailer of the film, go to TheGodMan.com.

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