Gospel For Asia workers are beaten for their faith in God.

By February 15, 2005

Asia (MNN) — Anti-Christian extremists attacked six Gospel For Asia seminary students on Sunday.

The attack happened as the students were doing their regular weekly outreach of distributing Gospel literature, preaching and praying for the sick.

A crowd of men surrounded and began beating the GFA students, three of them to the point of unconsciousness. This particular anti-Christian organization is known for its martial arts training, not so much for defense, but for inflicting intense pain and causing internal injury without much external evidence.

The GFA students were taken to a local hospital where they are recovering from severe headaches and internal pain. During and after the ordeal, the young men prayed and praised God for the reward of suffering for Him.

GFA’s President KP Yohannan says, “My prayer and firm belief is that our brothers’ willingness to faithfully represent their Lord Jesus in the face of such hatred and opposition will only serve to give boldness to all our missionaries as they continue to witness of the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Pray that God will heal their injuries and use their lives to bear much fruit for the Gospel.

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