Hurricane Katrina hits three campus ministries in the U-S

By September 21, 2005

USA (MNN) — “There’s no question the kids are shell-shocked.” That’s what InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Southeast Regional Director Bruce Alwood says, as he explains how Hurricane Katrina has affected their ministry on three university campuses.

“Tulane University and the University of New Orleans, and the third campus that has been impacted by this Hurricane is the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, which got hit by category three winds. School did start up this week,” says Alwood.

One in five students on that campus is homeless.

As students continue to be dazed by the hurricane disaster, Christian outreach has been allowed on Southern Mississippi’s campus. “Our staff member there was able to arrange a prayer walk in six of the major dorms on that campus when they started up. The head residents allowed our staff and student leaders to come in and provide prayer support for any students in that dorm that would like it.”

As the need for ministry has actually increased, funding for ministry in this region is in question. According to Alwood, “Many of those sources for us, foundations and local churches, are gone right now, that (were) providing financial support for our campus staff. And so, we know that we’re going to look for some creative ways to fill in behind the loss of that funding.”

Alwood isn’t sure what will happen with their ministry at Tulane and the University of New Orleans. The students at both of those campuses have been relocated to universities throughout the region. Combined, there were about 100 Intervarsity students at those schools. Since there’s a question about when they will reopen, nobody knows if these students will return when the doors open.

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