Myanmar shuts down a church.

By September 21, 2005

Myanmar (MNN)–Voice of the Martyrs Canada reports that a thriving church in Rangoon, Myanmar has been shut down.

According to their sources, the Full Gospel Assembly, located in the capital city, is not allowed to carry on any further activities. The church’s minister is Rev. Dam Suan Mung, pictured here with his wife, Vung Za Niang.

Others say authorities have been cracking down on several Christian churches in recent months because of the large numbers of Buddhists who have converted to Christianity.

There are times when the hostility against believers seems to follow the history of the country. Most Christian missions were expelled in 1966 and the military regime maintains controls over religious activity.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada reports that there have also been many cases of forced conversion from Christianity to Buddhism as well as violence against Christians.

Pray for the church leaders as they seek to minister to the church members. And pray for ministry opportunities for Christians to share their faith with others. Pray that more Buddhists will see their need for a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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