Story number 3 for 21 Jan 2002

By January 21, 2002

(Cambodia)–A new Christian radio station is on the air in Cambodia. After years of negotiating and trying to get a transmitter out of customs, Far East Broadcast Company’s Jim Bowman says they’re on the air. Bowman says it took a lot of prayer and a little ingenuity. “We have managed to get a transmitter in there finally and they’re testing it there now. The way we got the transmitter in actually, we had a Korean businessman bring in one of these 500 watt suitcase transmitters that HCJB builds in his luggage.” According to Bowman, while they’re testing right now, he hopes the programming will turn many hearts to Christ. “Here you have a country that is just almost completely not Christian. It has a very small Christian church and it needs to be built up, there’s no doubt about it. The fact is that country really is a hurting country and the Gospel really needs to make inroads into that country, so it will be very heavily evangelistic.”

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