Story number 3 for 4 Oct 2000

By October 4, 2000

Project Hannah, Trans World Radio’s innovative outreach to women by women, is flourishing in Southeast Asia, and the ministry’s focus shifts to the Americas. Project Hannah producer, Marli Spieker (speaker) says this week, they launched the newest version of the program. “We’re going to grow as the Lord provides. We were in Asia until this month, and now we will be broadcasting in three new languages, Mandarin, Japanese and Vietnamese this month and also Spanish.” Spieker describes the reason Project Hannah exists. “The plight of the women all over the world is the same. It changes a little bit the way the abuse presents itself, especially in the Third World countries. Women do not have a high place in society. Project Hannah is a ministry of encouragement and compassion-and what we are telling them [women] is that, “God loves you!””

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