Story number 3 for 5 Jun 2002

By June 5, 2002

(International)– Trans World Radio is gearing up to commission its third president Sunday. David Tucker will take the helm of one of the most far-reaching Christian broadcasting networks in the world. When asked about his vision for the future, he said: “I want to preach the Gospel to as many people as we possibly can. In troubled times, I want to disciple the emerging church through radio broadcasts that are relevant, and I want to prepare leaders for the future of the world.” Tucker says Trans World is extending their programming to reach children and young people. He adds that their challenge is confronting global change. “Isn’t it wonderful that the Gospel doesn’t change? It transforms people’s lives. We have to change our approach, because we have to get around problems that people put to us. Please pray for the emerging church; and please pray that we have people that are culturally sensitive to what the church is saying to us.”

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