The tsunami’s ‘halo effect’ has impact on future ministry.

By December 29, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–Words of Hope reports the ‘halo effect’ is helping their partner ministry in Indonesia.

The team has a new facility opening in the beginning of 2006 in Sulawesi. While far from the disaster zone, Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung explains that this opportunity came as the result of the testimony developed by Christians who helped in the tsunami crisis.

He says what’s interesting to note is the similarity of response to Christians in the disaster zones of Muslim countries like Pakistan and Indonesia. “In some ways this parallels recent reports that the opinion of Christians in Pakistan has greatly increased in just the last several weeks seemingly as a direct result of the role that Christians were known to play in bringing relief to those who were devastated by the terrible earthquake.”

DeYoung adds that this is an investment in the future church. “We see an expanded opportunity for even more training that will primarily be impacting Christians, but the minority of Christians in that area can benefit greatly from greater discipleship training and also helping them to be more effective in outreach.”

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