Under junta control, Nigeriens face rising food insecurity

By September 1, 2023

Niger (MNN) — Niger isn’t just in political crisis following the power grab by the military junta. It’s now in economic crisis.

Before the coup, Niger had over 3 million people in acute food insecurity. That number will undoubtedly go up as international sanctions hit the country and food aid is trapped at Niger’s borders with no way in.

Market prices in-country are already rising. The cost for one sack of rice has increased by at least one-third since the start of the military takeover.

(Photo courtesy of Alek Burley/Unsplash)

Greg Kelley with World Mission says, “The biggest, I would say, consequence of these things is the average person suffers.”

The United Nations is urging for humanitarian exemptions to border closures and sanctions.

Kelley says, “The US alone has put hundreds of millions of dollars in aid over the last 20 years into this country. So when you’re withdrawing that amount of resources, people will suffer. So we’re just mindful of that as we’re trying to get the Gospel in there.”

World Mission distributes their solar-powered audio Bible called the Treasure in countries and areas that desperately need to hear about Jesus Christ.

Along with Gospel hope, Kelley says in Niger, “We are going to be putting emphasis into getting food and water in to the people that are suffering the most.”

“It’s possible we’ll keep our eyes on any kind of a refugee crisis that might be triggered as people are fleeing. But again, it’s the little guy, the families that are the ones that are going to suffer the most.”

Ask the Lord to provide for the people of Niger, and pray encouragement for ministries like World Mission reaching Nigeriens with aid and Christ’s hope.







Header photo courtesy of Alek Burley/Unsplash.

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