Arab Christians need help reaching out to Israel’s war victims

By January 19, 2009

Israel (MNN) — While Israel and Hamas continue bickering about a ceasefire agreement, thousands of the war's victims have nothing. Necessities are scarce in Gaza, and many who fled are in Bethlehem and have nowhere to turn.

Speaking from the Middle East, "Charles" with Partners International says through a partnership with Jerusalem Evangelical Outreach, local Arab believers are providing care packs. "We're providing basic food — rice and canned goods, as well as blankets, clothing, and medicine."

Charles talks about the conditions on the ground. "Most of the Gaza strip is like a large refugee camp. It was like that months ago, but it's gotten worse. To try to keep missiles and arms out of Gaza, Israel has secured the borders in a much harsher way. They've also eliminated smuggling to keep weapons out, but that also keeps out basic food stuffs."

Despite that, Partners is making a difference physically. But, can they talk about the Gospel? "The Arab believers know exactly what's appropriate. And, at a time like this, they can represent Christ like nothing else. We are actually leaving that up to them," says Charles.

Your $100 gift insures that a care pack gets to a war victim's family. Charles says your efforts make a difference. "Anything that we can do to help alleviate some of the suffering and minister the message of Jesus will be greatly empowered by the Lord Himself."

If you would like to help Partners International with outreach, you may give online or call them at 800-966-5515.

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