Story number 5 for 21 Aug 2001

By August 21, 2001

(Poland)–And, Back to the Bible is reporting success from a series of summer camps in Poland. One of their local ministries, Voice of the Gospel, organizes the camps. This summer, they reached 140 young people with the hope of the Gospel. BTTB’s Mark Blowers. “Most of them are very hardened; just the circumstances of life. So, to be confronted with the Gospel, in a very loving way, by our staff, is a real shock to their systems. They’re surprised that religious people care for them.” Blowers says that the outreach needs continued prayer, adding that their testimony is on the line. “Poland has a real veneer of real religiousity. A lot of it is just nominal and it’s in name only. People don’t really live, necessarily, what they say they believe. So, to come to a Christian camp, there’s probably attitudes that ‘I’m going to check these people out and see if they really care.'”

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